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About Us


The SKBR is a large, multi style international martial arts organisation. We have a contemporary outlook that is firmly anchored in traditional values, mutual trust and respect. Membership is open to all senior grades of any martial art, combat sport or self defence system.

What We Offer

Advice, guidance and support network Our membership is multi style, international and multi disciplinary. There is a lot of expertise in the SKBR and all of this will be at your disposal

National and international courses and seminars Large, friendly get togethers allowing you to both teach your martial arts and learn something of others.

Advancement in both rank and title We understand just how important it is for you to continue to grow. Thanks to our international panel of experts, we can help facilitate this.

Personal and professional development As well as offering mainstream martial arts provision, we also maintain strong links with the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences which means we can afford our members the opportunity of professional membership and qualifications in a wide range of subjects, including teaching and learning, coaching and certain aspects of special security skills, etc.

Access to senior grades in a multitude of martial arts Because we are a such large international organisation, we are lucky enough to number some of the most senior martial arts masters in our membership. These people are recognised experts in field and include Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, and even western martial arts such as classical fencing!

Opportunities to train in Japan The SKBR has several Japanese masters as members, plus, a lot of the senior grade members from other countries have links to certain Japanese martial arts organisations. There are large courses held in Japan each year and you may want to take advantage of this.

All in all: The opportunities are endless! When you join the SKBR, you join a family that will always help and support you, encouraging you to grow and develop in many different ways

Jaimie Lee-Barron


Stephen Peil