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As you already know, SKBR exists in order to help martial arts instructors, clubs and organisations to grow and develop in every way possible and in the most positive way possible. However, if the SKBR is to be able to support you properly then you must, in turn, support the SKBR. Below you will find some suggestions as to how best to do this.

  1. Please include the SKBR logo on your stationary and marketing materials.
  2. Display your SKBR membership certificate proudly and prominently, and the same with any grade or rank certificate you might have been issued.
  3. Be sure to include your SKBR membership on your CV/Resume.
  4. Purchase one of our SKBR badges for wearing on your budogi. Please encourage your students to do the same.
  5. Attend SKBR courses so that the seniors can get to know you and witness your knowledge, skills and abilities, and bring as many others as possible. This is especially important for any instructors wishing to advance in rank and/or title as your students will bare witness to any promotion and so be inspired by this.
  6. Organise, or help organise, SKBR events. Once again, this is especially important for those seeking promotion and wanting to promote the association in their area and/or country as the seniors will need to witness and assess the candidates organisational ability as well as their potential for future leadership and management positions in the SKBR.
  7. Recruit new members both from your own students and instructors and from your friends and acquaintances in other clubs or organisations.
  8. Defend the SKBR, its ideals and members always and to everyone. The SKBR is a very special group and we would always prefer to be “as well as” rather than “instead of” (although both are always possible.
  9. Read, inwardly digest and strictly adhere to the SKBR “Code of Conduct” as this encapsulates the values and ideals at the very core of our association: good manners and doing the right thing.
    The SKBR prizes honesty and integrity every bit as highly as it does technical skill and theoretical knowledge. In a nutshell: Support each other and be polite.
    The way we conduct ourselves reflects upon the SKBR as a whole.

Remember: The SKBR is YOUR association, not just “our” association.
You don’t just “belong” to the SKBR: You are a valued, integral and important part of it!

Together we are stronger!

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